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Sensory Table Activities

Make your own sensory table from these easy instructions!

Manipulatives for the Sand/Water Table: cars, trucks and construction vehicles, buckets, strainers, colanders, cake pans, muffin tins, plates, spatulas, straws, shovels, trowels, cookie cutters, sea shells, sea creatures, plastic blocks, plastic worms, plastic food containers, plastic pump and squeeze bottles, sieves, dinosaurs, scissors, sifters, large beads, plastic animals, plastic insects, scoops, tongs, boats, plastic bottles, measuring cups, pitchers, baster, rubber ducks, cartons of various sizes, shapes and weights; funnels, tubing, inflatables, objects which sink/float -- pieces of wood, styrofoam bits and pieces, corks, stones, shells, popsicle sticks, twigs, cut-up sponges;

Need Ideas to fill your sensory table? Are the kids bored with just plain old sand and water? Try these ideas: rice, beans, oatmeal, cornmeal, bubbles, cotton balls, Jell-O, oatmeal, shredded paper, dirt, hay or straw, wet dirt, lids, sand, water, wet sand, cut up sponges, popcorn mixed with rock salt or plain popcorn kernels, rice, beans, colored sand, ice cubes, chestnuts, leaves, pine needles, shells, pebbles and stones, pea gravel, marbles, snow, shaving cream,

Matching Skills
Practice color matching skills with this sensory table activity. Collect two empty egg cartons and 24 small rocks that fit in the egg cups. Choose 12 colors you'd like your students to learn. Paint two rocks and two sections of the egg cartons with each of the colors. When the rocks have dried, hide them in your sand table. Have students go on a color dig to hunt for the rocks and match them to the correct sections of the egg cartons.

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